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Katie Stienlet

Stage 3, Sport and Exercise Science.

Studying at Newcastle

I am currently in my third year of studying sport and exercise science. 

I am really enjoying the degree, with the wide range of topics that you learn about. 

All staff on the course have been amazing, providing good feedback, and helping you achieve what you want to achieve.

Over the summer of 2019, I received a grant from Newcastle University to complete a summer research project. 

I knew I wanted to work in injury prevention/recovery when I graduated.


Shaping my career path

I am currently in my third year of working with the Newcastle Eagles Basketball teams (outside of university). 

I decided to look into how effective ankle injury prevention in basketball can be. As part of this, I travelled to Turin, Italy to learn from Dr Riva about DELOS equipment and the Riva Method. This reduced ankle injuries by 81% with a professional Italian basketball team. It was an incredible experience to learn about networking skills and travel around Italy. 

My experience in Turin with Dr Riva and his team has changed my perspective on injury prevention. It will definitely help shape my career path for the future.

The University has been incredibly supportive of my career goals. Dr Brook Galna helping me achieve my summer research project. Now I know that I would definitely like to continue learning in the sports science field. I'm aiming to complete a master's degree, and I may look at studying a PhD after.