Digital Design

Training Resources

Training Resources

Here you can access resources that support our online training.

T4 Resources

These resources support the online training we provide for the T4 Content Management System.

Feel free to use these resources for ongoing help while you work on University websites.

You can use Fotor, a free online resource, to crop/resize your images to meets our T4 image requirements:

There are more advanced T4 content types available, and we have step-by-step guides to help you:

Writing for the Web Resources

Here you can find resources and links that will help you write for the web.

Feel free to use these resources for ongoing support while you work on University website content. You'll also need to follow our editorial guidelines.

Tools for checking readability and accuracy

You can check the readability of your content with a couple of free tools. 

Improve readability as you write/edit with the Hemingway Editor online. You can also check existing content by adding the Readable button to your browser.

Maintaining content accuracy

We use Silktide web governance platform to help us identify and fix problems across our web pages. Access to Silktide platform is open to all colleagues who manage or edit web pages at

What is Silktide?

Silktide helps us to find and fix website problems. It shows where problems occur on the page, and explains how to fix them. It improves content readability and accessibility, making our website more accessible for everyone. 

To get access to Silktide and the report for your website, log a self-service request at (University login required). We’ll create a Silktide login for you.