Newcastle Law School

Working with Schools

Newcastle Law School is committed to working with schools in the local area and beyond. Our aim is to let students from all backgrounds know that Law School is open to them if they want to come here, and we would like to give all students a real insight into what a law degree is like. That way, they are able to make an informed decision rather than being informed by stereotypes and misperceptions.

To do this, we would like to offer schools the chance to host ‘taster lectures’ on legal reasoning. An academic would be able to come to your school and invite students to look at real life decisions that the courts have made, before asking them to decide whether they think the law is good or bad in each scenario. In doing so, students are exposed to how judges think and are encouraged to use their own skills of critical analysis to come to an informed opinion on the current state of the law.

We are also happy to run tailored sessions according to the requirements of the school. In the past, these have been themed to particular times of year – ‘Do Zombies have Rights’ at Halloween, for example – or more practically focussed on how to write a good personal statement if applying to a UK Law School. Our preference would be to deliver sessions to Y10 and above, but we are happy to discuss working with younger age groups if the school thinks this would be beneficial to their students.

Newcastle Law School’s long running relationship undertaking such work with Excelsior Academy has been recognised by being named ‘Pro-bono/Community Initiative of the Year’ at the 2019 Northern Law Awards. We feel that winning this prestigious award speaks to the quality of the work we undertake, and the hard work put in by our staff and students.

The award winning scheme was coordinated by Dr Joshua Jowitt who comes from a former mining community in South Yorkshire, and was the first in his family to do A-Levels and continue on to University. He therefore knows first hand the difficulties students face when moving out of their comfort zone.

For more information please contact Beverley