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Inspirational Women in Law

A collaboration between Newcastle Law School staff and students, and Fine Art students. The exhibition celebrated and promoted the achievements of the featured women.

Breaking the structural barriers to women's progression

It also looked at the work and lives of the many other women not portrayed. They were, in spirit, represented by our inspirational women.

They show how structural barriers to women’s progression can be overcome. A high proportion of law students and those entering legal professions are female.

But a low proportion of women are in senior positions in legal academia, law firms, at the bar, and in the judiciary.

Moving the art to the Law School

The exhibition launched at The Long Gallery on Thursday 5 March. It was open to the public from 6 - 14 March.

After this, portraits moved to their permanent home in the Law School. They helping to fulfil one of the other aims of the project. They increase the representation of women in art in public spaces.

Inspirational Women of the Law: The Event

In addition to the photographic exhibition, we also host a biennial event that celebrates the achievements and increases the visibility of inspirational women who have engaged with law for social justice and/or to protect those who are vulnerable.
This year's event will be held on May 12th 2021. Learn more about our speakers - and don't forget to register.

Find out more

Read the Inspirational Women 2017 newsletter.

For more information follow them on X.

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