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Just Theory

Explores gender gaps in analytic philosophy and legal theory and aims to showcase female researchers and their work.

About us

Just Theory is a monthly series of conversations championing female legal scholarship. It was launched in August 2021 and it is available on YouTubeSpotify and Apple PodcastsThe hosts are Dr Emilia Mickiewicz (Newcastle Law School) and  Aleksandra Wawrzyszczuk (NYU, Graduate Division).



The project was developed to improve access and enable conversation with female scholars from around the world in areas where such conversations are still lacking. Analytic philosophy and legal theory are areas of research particularly affected by the lack of gender diversity.

There is an apparent lack of visibility of both early careers and advanced level female scholars outside of the well-established circles of feminist legal theory. Such an environment may deter aspiring female academics from entering the field. The project aims to address this gap by providing a platform for female researchers and their work in a series of recorded, informal conversations.

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Just Theory podcast

Just Theory's aim is to normalise women's presence in traditionally male-dominated circles of academia and eradicate the perception that female academics are restricted to any particular field of theoretical research. This is a novel and pioneer initiative, unlike any other in the UK or the world.

The project also aims to contribute to a shift of attitudes in academia, generally, and will also enhance Newcastle Law School’s long-standing legacy in promoting women’s role in the legal field. 

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