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Lawyering, Rights and Justice

Lawyering, Rights and Justice

Our Vision

Central to the values and practice of this group is research that promotes social justice and which can contribute to wider societal change.   

Our Research

The Lawyering, Rights and Justice grouping brings together researchers who examine the professionals responsible for delivering justice (especially lawyers and judges), the processes of justice, and the use of rights to secure justice for human and non-human actors. This grouping includes the Human Rights and Social Justice Forum (member of The Association of Human Rights Institutes), a multi-disciplinary forum that connects researchers in the school as well as others across the University.  


  • well-being and the legal profession
  • children’s rights judgments
  • social justice lawyering
  • extra judicial speeches
  • the relationship between modern (egalitarian) social imaginaries and the ideals of justice that find expression in the law
  • judge-craft

Justice processes

  • mediation and ADR, and the relationship with civil justice processes
  • the use of non-criminal legal processes to secure justice for sexual violence survivors
  • restorative justice
  • children’s rights in criminal proceedings
  • how justice processes in democracies can address circumstances in which political causes become intertwined with violence
  • access to justice

Newcastle Forum for Human Rights and Social Justice

  • human rights including the rights of displaced persons
  • the rights of indigenous people in the Pacific region
  • vulnerability within custodial institutions
  • the rights of nationals abroad; prisoners’ voting rights
  • EU fundamental rights post Brexit
  • cultural and IP rights in post Arab-spring constitutions

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Rights beyond human rights

  • rights beyond human rights including non-human animals
  • rights as they intersect with the environment
  • the rights of novel/artificial beings

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