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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Advisory board advise and assist future development of the law school’s priorities.

They look at the following areas and aims:

Widening participation and student recruitment

We continue to attract students of excellent ability. We build on the School’s positive and pro-active contribution to raise aspirations. We increase and widen participation in Higher Education.

Curriculum development

We continue to provide the highest standards of research-led learning and teaching. We inspire the best in our students.

Careers and graduate employability

We pro-actively support our students to achieve their ambitions. We equip them with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the future.


We strengthen engagement with civil society through initiatives that engage and inform the:

  • public
  • industry
  • education
  • third sector

Research impact and development

We promote the economic, social and cultural benefits of our research. We identify appropriate opportunities to engage with external partners in our research development.

Alumni relations

We forge and strengthen links between our academic and student communities with:

  • former students
  • philanthropic donors
  • those who wish to help the School to maximize the societal benefit of its teaching and research

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