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News in February 2015

  • Small changes to lifestyle can help people LEAP into retirement

    Small lifestyle changes involving physical activity, healthy eating and maintaining social networks can set the stage for happier and healthier futures for people after retirement.

    published on: 5 February 2015

  • Funding from charity for new treatments to silence tinnitus

    Today, to mark Tinnitus Awareness Week, UK charity Action on Hearing Loss announces a major investment to fund a new study at Newcastle University, which aims to accelerate the development of future tinnitus treatments.

    published on: 4 February 2015

  • MPs vote for change in IVF law

    Scientists at Newcastle University have welcomed the news that MPs have voted for a change in the law so that a pioneering IVF-based technique to reduce the risk of mitochondrial diseases can be allowed.

    published on: 3 February 2015