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Using the My Working Hours App

Using the My Working Hours App

How to use the My Working Hours app to view booked assignments and to claim payment.

What is the My Working Hours app?

The My Working Hours app is what Newcastle University to manage on campus student work. Although it is called an ‘app’ it is not a downloadable application for your smartphone or tablet, but a web application you can access from a web browser.

You can watch a video showing how the My Working Hours app works.

How can I access the My Working Hours app?

Please note you will only be able to access the My Working Hours App once the department you are working for creates your first work assignment.

Viewing work assignments

When you log into the My Working Hours app you will see all your on campus work assignments listed on the left hand side.

To see details of a role, click on the box for the assignment you want to view. You should check the maximum weekly hours allocated for each week before you work. You must not work more than this allocation for the work assignment or in weeks where there are no hours assigned. Working hours can only be updated in advance, and so it is very important that you do not work more than the hours you have been assigned. 

Claiming Payment

To claim payment for a work assignment, first select the assignment in the app, and then select the ‘weeks’ tab. You will then be able to select the number of hours you have worked that week, and either save or submit the claim. You can only claim payment for the hours you have actually worked that week, even if you are assigned more hours. Claims can be submitted from the week after you have worked, not during the week you are working.

Saving the claim saves the details for later so that you can make changes.

Submitting the claim sends the claim to be approved for payment. 

Once you have submitted a claim you cannot change it or cancel it. You should contact your manager if you have claimed incorrectly.

When will I be paid?

Although you claim payment on a weekly basis, your payments are made monthly, on the last working day of each month. There is a deadline each month for approvals, payments approved by that deadline will be paid at the end of the month. Please note that it can take up 14 days to have a payment approved.

Approval deadlines and pay dates are available in the 2022.23 Payroll Deadlines.

How can I check the progress of my payment claim?

You can check the payment status for each week of your work assignments in the My Working Hours app.

A description of each status is below:

Status Description
New Neither Saved nor Submitted
Saved Saved but not Submitted
Submitted for Approval Submitted and Waiting for Approval
Returned Returned to the Student for Correction
Approved on (Date) Approved and Either Awaiting Payment or Paid

Submitted claims can take up to 14 days to be approved.  If your hours are not approved within this time you should speak to the main contact for the work assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been asked to work but the assignment or working hours are not yet booked in the Manage Student Work app.

You should contact the department you are working for to say that you cannot work until the assignment hours are showing up in the My Working Hours app.

How can I change or cancel a work assignment?

If you want to change anything about your work assignments you should contact your manager or the department you are working for. This might include changing  allocated hours, cancelling an assignment or changing the duration of an assignment. 

How can I change my bank details for payment for on campus work?

Email to request a change of bank details form.

Do I need to pay Income Tax or National Insurance?

Once your earnings hit a certain amount you will start to pay Tax and National Insurance. You can find out more at