Supergen Energy Networks Hub

Staff Profile

Dr Matthew Deakin

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow


Expertise and Current Funding

I am a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow in the Electrical Power group in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. My broad research interests include the development of new technologies to enable net zero power and energy systems, particularly exploring hybrid technologies which aim to efficiently maximise the utilization of existing assets. I am particularly interested in power electronics-based solutions (soft open points, ac/dc networks, multiport converters), the modelling and capabilities of demand side flexibility, and the role of interconnection in providing capacity in distribution networks and in resource adequacy problems.

Up to date publications are on Google Scholar, and I am on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you are interested in working with me (e.g., PhD, PDRA, or consultancy work) please don't hesitate to get in touch using the email address above.


  • Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship, School of Engineering, Newcastle University 2022-Present
  • CDICE Research Fellowship, School of Engineering, Newcastle University 2022
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Engineering, Newcastle University 2019-2022
  • PhD in Engineering Science, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford 2015-2019
  • MEng in Engineering Science (1st class), Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford 2011-2015


My work is currently focused on developing computational and simulation methods to understand capabilities of new and emerging technologies for addressing issues of capacity in power systems. This work has covered a range of scales, from unbalanced three-phase modelling of distribution systems to modelling of international interconnected systems across Northwest Europe.

I use a variety of methods to explore research questions, including mixed-integer convex optimization techniques and numerical linear algebra, modelling systems which often have high levels of uncertainty (e.g., modelling consumers or meteorological conditions on bulk power systems). I work with Python, Matlab and Julia, and I have particular expertise in the use of OpenDSS.

My work is currently, or has previously been supported by the following grants and awards.

  • 2022-2027. Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship. "Achieving Net Zero with Hybrid Power Systems". Principle Investigator, ~£780k
  • 2023-2024. Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Brill Power. Project supervisor (~Co-I), ~£150k
  • 2022. CDICE Research Fellowship. "Hyperion: Hybrid Power Systems Infrastructure for Net Zero Cities". Principle Investigator, ~£130k
  • 2022. CDICE Sandpit project "Greengage: Unlocking the Power of Households for Flexible Energy Demand Management". Principle Investigator, £30k
  • 2021. Supergen Enegy Networks Seedcorn fund: "Rethinking the Design of Great Britain’s Capacity Market: RED CAT". Co-investigator, ~£3k.
  • 2020. Supergen Energy Networks Flex Fund, "CLEARHEADS: Climate-Energy Modelling for Assessing Resilience - Heat Decarbonisation and the Northwest European Supergrid". ~£125k, Co-investigator.
  • 2015-2019. Clarendon Scholarship, University of Oxford. Fully funded PhD Scholarship. ~£80k.

My publications are available on Google Scholar.