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An overview of some of the features of RemNote and how these can be used in your studies

RemNote is a note-taking and learning centred software. Designed to be a knowledge tool and learning machine, it facilitates note-taking, flashcard creation and spaced repetition testing. Its features allow users to breakdown complicated ideas into bullet points and hierarchies, connect notes with backlinks and referencing, and create your own digital knowledge database! Therefore, making it an excellent tool for any student utilise.

Getting started

Watch the video to see a tour of RemNote, and how its features can be used to create a digital knowledge base and learning tool.

While the video example uses a non-academic topic to showcase RemNote’s features, it does a great job of displaying what RemNote can offer!

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Flashcards in RemNote can be made directly from notes in any document. These can be made using keyboard shortcuts or manually using your mouse. There are a number of different flashcards that can be made; listed cards with multiple answers, cards that test you on the question and the answer, pictured flashcards, and basic cards.

Once you’ve made your flashcards, RemNote can test you on these in a number of different ways. The built-in spaced repetition software means that RemNote will test you more on the cards you struggle to recall and less on the ones that you are confident on.

The video below shows you how to make flashcards, and how the spaced repetition algorithm works.

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Links can be used in RemNote to connect your learning - they allow you to create hyper links between your own documents. The video below shows you how that works, and the benefits of connecting your notes.

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Tags are a really useful feature that can help you organise your documents and notes.

Multiple tags can be assigned to any document, meaning that if a document covers more than one topic you can add a tag for each.

This video shows you how to add tags and explains how they can be used effectively.

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Additional support

As with any new software, there is a learning curve with RemNote however, don’t let this put you off! Take some time to explore the site and its features, and if you ever get confused you can hover your mouse over the bottom right corner of any page in RemNote and a small question mark will appear - this tool will bring up RemNote’s help page. Furthermore, there are many great resources available via Google and YouTube, offering everything from tutorials, to more advanced features.