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Mental Health and Counselling

Services to support you whilst you're studying at Newcastle University.

If you're experiencing stress, anxiety or other mental health difficulties you will find support from the Mental Health and Counselling team. They provide a confidential, safe place in which to explore whatever is causing you concern.

How can they help?

Counselling and therapeutic support

The team provide short-term therapeutic interventions to support your academic studies.

Counselling and therapy can help with a wide variety of problems whether big or small, straightforward or complex, current or from the past.

Assessment appointments

The first step is a short initial appointment to discuss which option might best suit your particular needs: one-to-one, online or group support.
Sometimes the assessment appointment can resolve the current concern and you may not need any further support.

One-to-one sessions

Talking to a therapist can help with a variety of problems including stress, loss, depression, eating distress, anxiety and relationship difficulties. Therapists do not give advice but the process can enable an increased understanding of yourself and the choices you have. Students can be offered up to six individual sessions. Various types of therapy are available.

Online counselling

You may choose online counselling if you find it easier to write about thoughts and feelings in an email or via instant messaging. Online Counselling may also be more convenient if you are away from the campus, as a distance or placement student.

Group sessions

The group sessions focus on a specific issue, for example, how to cope with anxiety. The sessions enable you to share thoughts and ideas, learn coping techniques, consider practical solutions and set personal goals.

Support for students with long-term mental health conditions

Students with medical evidence of a long-term mental health condition can get help for practical studying issues from the Mental Health Adviser Team. They can make arrangements such as examination adjustments.

What do you need to know?

These services are provided without charge to all registered students.

All information students provide during therapy is strictly confidential other than in exceptional circumstances. For more information see the Student Health and Wellbeing privacy statement.

Get in touch

Book an initial appointment: Phone +44 (0) 191 208 3333, fill in the contact form, or go in person to the Level 2 help-desk in King's Gate during their opening hours.

Find out more: Student Wellbeing website