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Your exam period and how to manage it...

The exam period can be a daunting and stressful time. We have put together a collection of resources designed to support you through your exam period.

8 April 2024

Revision Techniques

We all learn differently! Check out the Academic Skills Kit to explore and experiment with different strategies. The Academic Skills kit also provides effective ways to manage your time, motivate yourself, and look after your wellbeing.

Exam Stress & Study Support

Everyone experiences stress differently, and that's ok. Check out the Newcastle University Students’ Union pages for tips to help you navigate this period while taking care of your wellbeing including taking regular breaks and not comparing yourself to others. 

Other student’s experiences

Check out the Experience Newcastle Blog to discover lots of resources around study tips and well-being. Blog posts are often written by student content creators to give you a student’s perspective on how to study and look after yourself.   


We would like to introduce our School of Dental Sciences Student Wellbeing Adviser Hannah Sas-Skowronski.

"My role is to signpost, advise and guide all students within Dental Sciences about the best next steps to take when experiencing difficulties which impact your wellbeing. I can also help you access practical resources to help you improve and maintain your mental health."


If feel you need further individualised advice or guidance regarding your stress experiences or any other wellbeing challenges, please contact Hannah at Further information can found on Canvas in the Student Support and Progression Hub.


Please note this is a small selection of resources with many more available to access, please see Canvas for more details and Newcastle University’s Student Wellbeing website (link below).