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Student Expeditions

Our student-led expeditions are a great opportunity to travel and while developing your independent research.

Student-led expeditions

Overseas student expeditions have become a central feature of both our human and physical geography degree programmes. Students plan and organise expeditions independently, and use them to collect the data needed for undergraduate dissertations.

Expeditions give you are a great opportunity for independent research and travel with a purpose.

Recent expedition destinations include:

  • Greenland
  • Chile
  • Svalbard
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Barbados
  • USA

Develop key skills

Not only are our expeditions central to our undergraduates producing high-quality and original dissertation research. They help you to develop key skills that are valued by employers, including: team-work; budget management communications skills

Expeditions are also an excellent spring-board for postgraduate research, once students are bitten by the fieldwork bug!

Expedition Handbook

More information on our expeditions can be found in our Expedition Handbook (PDF 3.97MB)

Expedition funding