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Find regulations specific to Combined Honours in this section.

Equal opportunities

The University widens access to higher education to students of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

All our students are entitled to work and live in a safe environment, free from fear, intimidation and harassment.

They are entitled to freedom of speech, and to pursue their political and religious beliefs within the law.

The University has an Equality Strategy and Dignity and Respect Policy. We Further policies are outlined in the Student Charter.

Respectful and inclusive

You can expect all members of staff and other students to treat you courteously and fairly irrespective of:

  • race
  • ethnic origin
  • sex
  • marital or parental status
  • sexual orientation
  • religion or belief
  • disability
  • age
  • political belief
  • trade union membership and activities

Newcastle University expects you to treat other students and members of staff with respect, following these policies.

Health and safety

We have a duty to keep you healthy and safe while you're studying with us. Everybody at the University must comply with the University’s arrangements for safety and occupational health. They are set out in the University Safety Policy (and respective School Safety Policies).

Smoking is not permitted in any areas of the University premises or grounds at any time. The University’s detailed Smoke-Free Policy is available online.

Degree regulations

A student is expected to pass 120 credits at each stage before they can progress to the next.

The Stage 1 average does not count towards the final degree classification.

Stage 2 is worth one third, and Stage 3 is worth two thirds (a weighting of 1:2).

Final Average

Degree Classification


First Class


Second Class, First Division (2:1)


Second Class, Second Division (2:2)


Third Class




Attendance policy

The University wants to make sure you succeed on your course. We've introduced attendance monitoring of some timetabled sessions to ensure your welfare and to support your academic progress.

It's important that all students adhere to the terms of the Student Charter and ensure that they are punctual and attend all timetabled sessions. Students are required to let their academic unit or tutor/supervisor know as soon as possible if they are ill or have other good reason for non-attendance.

Expectations of students and the University

We want to set out explicitly what you can expect from us in Combined Honours and what we expect from you.

This is in line with the Student Charter at Newcastle University. We are committed to providing an efficient service and if you have an enquiry, you can expect an response within three working days of receipt. This excludes University/office closure and vacation periods.