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Student Support

Find out about the support available throughout your degree.

We're here to help

The Combined Honours Centre provides advice and information about your programme, including advice about registration and module selection.

You will be assigned a personal tutor who can offer you guidance on any issues you may have.

Learn more about personal tutors and Centre support on this page.

You can also find out about our absence procedures, and what do to if you feel your academic performance has been affected by personal extenuating circumstances.

Students in Newcastle city centre.

University services

There's a range of University-wide services that provide support to undergraduate students. Visit the undergraduate website for more information about all that's on offer for support and wellbeing.

The University's Career Service provides expert help with all aspects of your career planning and preparation. Located in King's Gate building, just pop in to access advice about career options. You can also:

Absence from University due to sickness

Find out who you need to contact, and the forms you need to complete if you're absent from university due to sickness.

If you're absent due to illness for three to seven calendar days, you can self-certify your illness. If you're absent due to illness for more than seven calendar days we require a medical certificate (ie a note from your GP).

In both situations you need to notify us of your absence by using the Student Self Service Portal S3P.

You should also let your lecturers know if you're not able to attend their sessions.

Check the Student Progress website for information about the University sickness procedure.

Personal and extenuating circumstances

Sometimes things happen in life that are unexpected and beyond our control eg illness, bereavement and personal problems.

If you believe that your performance in assessments or exams have been significantly affected by personal extenuating circumstances you should let us know.

Depending on the nature, length, and timing of the circumstances it might not have an impact on your studies and you can carry on and catch up on any missed work (eg a nasty cough or cold for five days early on in the term).

Personal tutors

Combined Honours students will be allocated a personal tutor for the duration of their degree. For students going on a year abroad, if you don't have one already, you will be allocated a personal tutor from Modern Languages at the start of Stage 2.

Your personal tutor is your link with the University, a member of staff who can provide help and guidance for any issues that you may have and can refer you on to the relevant support.

Your personal tutor will either be from one of your Subjects or from the Combined Honours staff members. You'll be able to look up who your Personal Tutor is on your Newcastle App and on S3P.

Combined Honours Centre

The Combined Honours Centre provides advice, information and guidance throughout your degree.

We're responsible for everything to do with your degree, from your UCAS application as an applicant, through to your graduation and beyond.

The Combined Honours Centre should be your first point of contact for queries about module selection, registration, and any difficulties you're having. We have plenty of quiet rooms and spaces where we can discuss any issues confidentially.

You should contact us with any queries about:

Contact us

The Combined Honours Office is located on the 9th Floor of the Henry Daysh Building and is open 09.00 - 17.00.