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Your project

Set your own path of academic study in our project module.

Apply philosophy to the life you live

Each year you’ll take a project module. These modules allow you to complete an individual project. The project allows you to apply the philosophy you learn to a topic of your choice. You’ll investigate your area of interest and gather a body of knowledge. You’ll then take the philosophy you’ve learned that year to ask important questions about your topic.

You'll open your mind to new ways of thinking and create your own learning path. You'll learn how to question, analyse, and balance many opposing points of view. These skills are essential to a wide range of careers.

Project themes

Previous student projects have focused on topics such as:

  • Sport and Transgender Participation 
  • Psychoanalysis and The Films of David Lynch 
  • Veganism
  • The Philosophy of Designer Furniture 
  • Money and Cryptocurrency  
  • Death and Fame in Art 
  • Racism in the Prison System 
  • Skateboarding 

I choose the ‘object’ of fine art and I’ve really enjoyed researching this topic and applying the philosophy I have learned. It’s developed my understanding of fine art and allowed me to gain a deeper understanding...

Molly, Philosophy BA Honour

How are the project modules taught?

A dedicated project tutor will work with you throughout your degree and guide you through the project research process. You'll be part of a small tutor group, meeting once a week.

Tasks will be phased throughout each year so you’re not overwhelmed. You’ll also work to produce:

  • group presentations
  • short films
  • oral presentations
  • reports
  • posters
  • a written dissertation

How are the project modules assessed?

Stage 1

In stage 1 you'll produce:

  • a 3000-word extended essay
  • a group presentation
  • a 500-word literature review

Stage 2 and 3 

In stage 2 and 3 you'll submit:

  • a 7000-word dissertation
  • an individual presentation
  • a 500-word literature review

The project modules in stage 2 and 3 make up one-third of your degree.