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Gain a grounding in the continental and analytic traditions of philosophy as part of a Combined Honours degree.

UCAS Code: BA Combined Honours (Y001)

Taking philosophy as part of your Combined Honours degree, will enable you learn how to question, analyse and balance multiple (and often opposing) points of view.

These are valuable skills, required in a wide range of careers.

Our modules provide students with thorough grounding in the main branches of Philosophy in both the continental and analytic traditions. Students will also explore the relationship between Philosphy and other areas of human endeavour such as the arts, religion and the natural and social sciences.

In Stage 1, students explore topics in:

  • ethics
  • epistemology
  • the philosophy of religion
  • existentialism

In Stages 2 and 3, you can focus on issues concerning political and social philosophy, metaphysics and the philosophy of:

  • culture and the arts
  • language
  • science and technology

Your study will also look at issues such as the nature of the just society, creativity and taste, artificial intelligence, the nature of mind, the network society, models of communication and the nature of truth and knowledge.


There are no special requirements for taking philosophy as part of your Combined Honours degree.


Find out about our typical modules. Modules are subject to change and could differ on an annual basis.

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Adam Potts - Philosophy

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