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Support and Wellbeing

Find out about the academic, pastoral and wellbeing support available for Combined Honours students.

What we do

Support, mentoring and advice

Combined Honours Centre has a range of tutors and advisers working alongside staff. This includes student-led support such as mentoring and our Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) scheme.

Our Student Wellbeing Service also provides support in key areas including finance, disability and health and many others.

Language, literacy and numeracy

Language support is available to those where English is not their first language, and we also have a newly refurbished Language Resource Centre for all students to use. Literacy and numeracy support is also available.

As well as support with language, writing and maths, the University has three libraries on campus.


Student mentors

All first year students get a Student Mentor helping you to settle in. This is a Combined Honours student in a later stage of the programme, studying one of your subjects.

Each mentor has one group of students they help on the basis of a shared subject of study.

We know students often prefer to address questions to other students rather than staff. Feel free to do this if you wish.

Meetings and opportunities

The mentor will have regular meetings with your group in the first term. You will also get the opportunity to become a mentor yourself in due course.

You can even do this as part of an academic module (part of our graduate development modules).

Student support

Combined Honours staff

The Combined Honours Team provide advice, information and guidance about your programme.

They should be your first point of contact if you need information about your course. This might include queries about registration, module selection or any difficulties you experience.

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