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Undergraduate Philosophy

Explore theories of knowledge and reflect on key ethical concepts. Examine issues related to the philosophy of art, culture, science and technology.

About the programme

You'll explore key debates in the history of philosophy and focus on European, rather than British or Anglophone philosophy.

From Ancient Philosophy, to the Enlightenment and beyond. You’ll develop a portfolio of skills and acquire knowledge relevant to today’s world.

A unique aspect of the BA in Philosophy are the project you’ll undertake each year. You’ll be able to direct your studies by applying the concepts you learn to topics of your own interest such as social media, mental health, or gaming.

You’re also able to choose up to one third of your modules each year from other disciplines across the University. Studying across disciplines better prepares you for the ever-changing world of work, and to respond to the challenges society faces.

You can study Undergraduate Philosophy at Newcastle University in one of two ways.

  1. on our Philosophy BA Honours (V500) programme, or
  2. alongside one or two other subjects on the Combined Honours BA Honours (Y001) degree.

Explore key philosophical issues and debates

You’ll explore diverse topics such as the nature of:

  • existence – what it is to ‘be’
  • beauty and aesthetics
  • time, space, and other metaphysical concepts
  • identity, and contemporary concepts of race and gender
  • God, gods, and belief
  • meaning, truth and interpretation

Engage with the changing world

You'll engage in the philosophical study of particular areas of human practice and inquiry. This includes:

  • contemporary cultures
  • literature and the arts
  • applied ethics and justice
  • social science
  • politics
  • religion

"The module content at Newcastle boasts an impressive variety: from Plato to Hegel, from Hume to de Beauvoir.

I knew this would mean I’d encounter all kinds of philosophy which I wouldn't have come across otherwise"

Philosophy student at Newcastle University