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Study Abroad

Find out about the three ways you can study abroad as part of your degree.


Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to travel and gain new perspectives on your academic subjects. You'll develop a range of skills that will help you stand out in the job market.

If you study at least one language all the way through your degree you will spend a year abroad between Stages 2 and 3. This is known as an intercalating year abroad. This is compulsory and adds a year to the standard three years of study.

Students who are not studying a language can also go abroad to study either for a single semester or a full year.

Fees and visas

For students studying abroad for a semester there is no additional cost. For students studying abroad for a full year, there is a reduced tuition fee.

Students are still entitled to a loan whilst studying abroad as part of their degree.

If you're on a Tier 4 visa studying in the UK there are some further factors you should be aware of about studying abroad and intercalating.

You should contact the Combined Honours Centre or the Visa Team to discuss your options.

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