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School X

School X

Critical minds for challenging times.

Who we are

School X is an inclusive, future facing, new School that is a home to outstanding multi-disciplinary education and research.

We challenge norms and create fresh ways of working. We focus on interdisciplinary responses to the challenges of climate change and social justice.

The School builds on the expertise of our three Founding Units.

Our founding units


Our undergraduate Philosophy degree allows students to apply philosophical concepts to topics of their choice. One third of each Stage can be made up of modules chosen from other disciplines across the University.

Our teaching staff have strong research profiles. Many of our postgraduate research students have interdisciplinary interests. 

Combined Honours

With Combined Honours, you can study two or three subjects in one degree, from a choice of more than twenty subjects.

Our students make connections between their unique subject and module combinations. We give opportunities to reflect on their personal and professional development. Studying across disciplines prepares our graduates for the ever-changing world of work. It will help them to respond to the challenges society faces.

Faculty Training Research Programme

The Faculty Training Research Programme complements and enhances subject-level postgraduate research. Research students tailor the programme to their needs, learning and networking. They experience their studies within a multi-disciplinary learning environment.