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Researcher Education and Development

Boost your thesis and research development skills with our personalised training programme.

About the programme

Our programme aims to complement and enhance your subject-level postgraduate research.

Gain valuable research skills and boost your development as a researcher. Join a stimulating learning environment, connecting with colleagues across the university. Here you'll share experiences and ideas in a unique multicultural and multidisciplinary community.

Attendance is a requirement for all Humanities and Social Sciences postgraduate research students.

Key skills

As a postgraduate research student on Researcher Education and Development (RED), you'll:

  • develop advanced research, theory, and method skills
  • shape your training according to your specific needs
  • be part of a multidisciplinary learning environment
  • network with postgraduate researchers from around the world
  • build links with students in all Schools in HaSS, as well those in your subject area

Contact us

Newcastle University

Programme content

We recognise that our researchers have a variety of different skills and backgrounds. With our training programme you can personalise the content to suit your thesis or research development needs.

The programme consists of three parts:

Research community

Our programme benefits from a strong research community spanning a variety of disciplines.

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Get involved

Each research degree interacts with our programme in a different way. Read on for further information on how Researcher Education and Development relates to your circumstances.