Supergen Energy Networks Hub

ECR Paper Prizes

Early Career Paper Prizes

The Supergen Energy Networks Hub recently awarded three prizesrewarding different aspects of the multi-disciplinary work ongoing across the Hub. 

Congratulations to:

  • Matt Deakin, Newcastle University
  • Hannah Bloomfield, Bristol University
  • Luis Badesa, Imperial College

Details of the Competition:

Researchers were invited to record a short two-minute presentation summarising a recently published paper (journal article, book chapter or conference-publication). Imust have been peer-reviewed and published (or accepted for publication and available online) within the last two years. The applicant should have made a substantial contribution as an author and papers from technical panels or working groups with large numbers of authors were not considered. 

Submissions were assessed based on their ability to explain the importance and novelty of the research in a concise and engaging way to a general academic audience. For specific paper prize categories, submissions were evaluated based on their commitment to working across disciplines and their policy or industry relevance


If you have any questions or queries about the paper prize competition, please contact: