Supergen Energy Networks Hub

Travel Fund

About the ECR Travel Fund 

The Supergen Energy Networks Hub (SEN), ECR travel fund allows for ECR’s to access funds for travel and related travel expenses, including accommodation and subsistence, with the aim to progress their own career opportunities and research collaborations. 
Maximum Travel Award per applicant: £500 per person, per successful application
Maximum Number of Travel Awards per person: No more than 2 successful applications per applicant through the duration of the fund (maximum individual will receive throughout the duration of the fund = £1000) 
Maximum Number of Awards per month: No more than 2 successful applications awarded per month  
Travel Fund Duration: October 2022 to End July 2023  *funds awarded in July 2023 must be spent by end of July 2023 

Submission Criteria: 

  • All travel requests must satisfy the purpose of the ECR Travel Fund 
  • Applicants must be an ECR based at a Higher Education Institution eligible to hold Research Council awards 
  • Individuals may submit more than one request for funding throughout the duration of the fund, but will be awarded no more than a maximum of £1000 (based on 2 successful requests) 
  • Awarded funds must be utilised/expenses claimed by mid Sept 2023 
  • Full costing of the requested travel fund will be required at the submission stage 

To note: We take a broad view of what counts as an ECR, spanning from PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, through to academics at the start of their careers. Broadly, if you consider yourself an ECR then so do we.  

Assessment Criteria:

All applications/applicants:

• to be submitted via the online form to the SEN ECR Committee
• will be assessed (blind review) by two members of the ECR committee, overseen by Robin Preece (Co-Director) and Lindsey Allen (Project Manager) of the SEN Hub
• to be received by the end of each month, successful applicants will be informed by the middle of the following month
• will be assessed based on the aims and objectives of the SEN hub and awarded to requests which show relevance to the applicant’s career progression and collaboration/networking opportunities
• to complete a summary blog following award which will be published on the SEN website showing impact from receiving ECR travel funds.
• travel will be re-imbursed through expense claims from Bristol University via completion of expense claim form sent to Lindsey Allen for approval.

Equal Opportunities: 

The SEN Hub seeks to act as a beacon for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion such that it enables all to realise their full potential by recognising the contribution of everyone and recognising and harnessing the benefits that differences can bring. The UK Research Councils are committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity and good relations across and between the defined equalities groups in all their relevant functions. 

Accordingly, no eligible funding applicant will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity or national origins, religion, or similar philosophical belief, spent criminal conviction, age, disability, career breaks, paternity/maternity or adoption leave breaks.  

Proposals will be assessed on their merits, in accordance with the criteria, aims and objectives set for the call with all reviewers having received Unconscious Bias training and guidance. 

Contact for queries: 

If you have any queries concerning any aspect of the travel fund, please email Lindsey Allen, SEN Project Manager.