Supergen Energy Networks Hub

Flexible Fund Call: Acceleration

Responding to the Climate Emergency: How Can Energy Networks Research Accelerate Progress Towards Net Zero Energy Systems?

In response to a renewed urgency from policymakers and Supergen’s Industrial Advisory Committee to achieve 78% reductions in emissions by 2035, SEN designed a new Flex Fund call with a focus on accelerating change. This call invited researchers to submit a funding proposal for a project or activity that can be delivered within 12-months and produce research that aims to analyse and develop ways in which energy networks can accelerate progress towards net zero energy systems and/or to examine the impacts and risks of such energy network developments on the economy and society.

Proposals which explore this through consideration of the following were particularly welcome:

  • Understanding- Developing a deeper understanding of the interactions and interdependencies between multi-vector energy networks (gas, electricity, heat, transport).
  • Shaping- Designing and evaluating interventions to shape multi-vector energy networks, technology, markets and regulation in pursuit of greater sustainability, resilience and cost effectiveness.
  • Challenging- Anticipating and responding to future social technological and climate related challenges facing energy networks.

Proposals were asked to demonstrate that projects which will result in the rapid adoption, deployment and scale up of innovative methods, systems, policies, or technologies which would drive just transitions to net-zero. We encouraged applicants to submit collaborative proposals partnered with industry, NGO’s, policymakers, or charities (Supported by industrial-matched funding) to help build collaborative industrial relationships whilst de-risking the project for industry. We particularly welcomed proposals which brought knowledge and expertise from non-energy sectors.

As well as addressing the research questions with adventurous new ideas, we also asked that proposals brought the following to the Supergen Energy Networks Hub:

  • Link to other significant UKRI energy research investments.
  • Address current research gaps within the energy networks field.
  • Introduce new organisations to the Supergen Hub consortium.
  • Introduce new skills, disciplines, and researchers to the Supergen Hub consortium
  • Develop the skills of researchers working in this domain (possibly including secondments into industry).
  • Introduce activities to maximise public engagement and awareness.

Funded projects will be required to produce a final report which summarises key outcomes as well as providing a summary of project activities and/or findings which will be published on the SEN Hub website.

This call has now closed.

The full call document is available to view PLEASE NOTE THIS CALL HAS NOW CLOSED.

If you have any questions or queries about this call please do not hesitate to get in contact with either Linda Ward or Lindsey Allen: