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Dental Education Research

Driving the development, enhancement and delivery of high quality education.

Informing development of dental education

We inform development, enhancement and delivery of quality education for dental professionals.

We aspire to improve our own students' learning experience. We seek to improve the quality of graduates in the dental school.

Research aims

We aim to:

  • create a forum for educational research within the dental school
  • identify strategic research priorities, funding opportunities and complimentary collaborations
  • nurture 'dental educators' who are new to educational research through shared experience

Diversity of experience

Our researchers come from a broad range of backgrounds. They work in basic sciences and clinical settings. They investigate a wide range of aspects associated with dental education. They also work in areas of specific interest.

Research areas

We embrace three key areas:

  • individual learner and teacher: including,
    • learner wellbeing
    • peer learning and team working
    • improving and assessing professional qualities
    • educational transitions
  • curriculum: including, integration, theory, development, delivery and assessment
  • wider world: including, internationalisation, patient involvement in assessment, feedback and selection

Lead: Heidi Bateman