School of Dental Sciences

Staff Profile

Rhiannon O'Connor

Clinical Fellow in Restorative Dentistry


    Current Position

    ·         Clinical Fellow in Restorative Dentistry

    ·         NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

    ·         Part-time Associate in General Dental Practice

    Previous Positions

    ·         General Professional Trainee (Newcastle) 2009-2011

    Area of expertise

    -         Restorative Dentistry
    -         Lifecourse Epidemiology of Oral Health


    ·         Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2014)

    ·         MFDS (2011)

    ·         BDS with Merit in Clinical Dentistry (2009)

    ·         Masters in Research in Medical and Molecular Biosciences with Distinction (2008)

    Prizes and Awards 

    .        National Finalist of Vitae Three Minute Thesis competition, Sept 2018.

    .        Winner of North East Regional Three Minute Thesis competition, June 2018

    .        Winner of Newcastle University's Three Minute Thesis competition, May 2018

    ·        NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship, Sept 2013

    ·        IADR/Unilever Hatton Divisional Award (Junior Category), IADR 2010

    ·        Junior Colgate Research Prize, BSDR 2009

    ·        Undergraduate Sopwith Prize in Restorative Dentistry, 2009



    Current Research

    ·         I am currently undertaking a PhD as an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, which is focussing on population and individual oral health trajectories of adults in the UK.  My research involves using data from the Adult Dental Health Survey, a national dental survey conducted every ten years in the UK, to identify and understand changing patterns of oral health in the UK (particularly periodontal disease).  Additionally, I am undertaking research on individual lifecourse trajectories of oral health, based on the Thousand Families Study cohort, a unique cohort of 1000 middle-aged individuals followed since their birth in Newcastle in 1947.  Using mixed methods, I am combining what this cohort tell us now with sixty years of data to identify the determinants of their oral health as they age.  This research is being conducted with a view to ultimately shifting policy and practice towards earlier identification and intervention for future generations. 

    Previous Research

    ·         Evidence of diabetes in patients with aggressive periodontitis (Masters in Research)


    Undergraduate Teaching

    ·         Clinical Teaching on Restorative Clinics (BDS Stages 3 to 5 & ODHS St3)

    ·         Clinical Teaching Lead in Periodontology

    ·         Non-clinical teaching across undergraduate BDS course

    Postgraduate Teaching

    ·         Involved in the provision of study days for GPT trainees and FD trainees

    .         Teaching on Masters in Research degree course