Supergen Energy Networks Hub

ECR Committee Members

Sanchari Deb

Sanchari Deb is currently associated with Power and Control Laboratory of School of Engineering, University of Warwick as EUTOPIA SIF Fellow.  Earlier, she was associated with Smart e fleet group of  VTT  Technical Research Centre as ERCIM Fellow. She did her PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. Her research interests broadly covers different aspects of power and energy such as e mobility, charging infrastructure planning, Artificial intelligence applications in power and energy, microgrid planning, distribution network planning, local energy systems with cogeneration, Vehicle Grid integration, optimization, metaheuristics algorithms, tool development for charging station placement, machine learning applications, power system reliability, intelligent transport, autonomous vehicle, quantum computing applications, solar based charging infrastucture for Electric Vehicles (EVs), climate change, circular economy.