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EnFORMM: Energy FORecasting and analytics for Market-led Multi-vector networks

Lead Institution: University of Strathclyde

Project Summary

EnFORMM will develop forecasting tools for efficient operation of multi-vector energy networks and markets. New methods based on data science and machine learning will be developed to predict electricity and gas market prices and volumes, and to quantify risk. A key aspect of EnFORMM is the explicit consideration of interdependencies between energy vectors. This technology will enhance new and existing business models, such as distributed resource aggregators and heat/energy-as-a-serve, in support of the transition to a zero-carbon energy system. EnFORMM is promoting excellence in UK energy research by supporting outstanding Early Career Researchers at the University of Strathclyde. 

Dr Jethro Browell
Principle Investigator

Jethrow Browell

Prof Stuart Galloway

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Dr Graeme Hawker

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James Bowers
Project Partner


Barry Cruthers
Project Partner

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Felix Ritchie
Project Partner

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Prof Florian Ziel
Project Partner

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