Supergen Energy Networks Hub

Flexible Fund 2: Resilience (3)

real time resilience assessment framework for integrated energy systems in future UK cities  

Principle Investigator: Qiteng Hong, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Strathclyde University

Project Summary:  Net-Zero strategies for UK cities present immediate requirements for integrated whole-system approaches. Quantified assessments of resilience levels are critical to ensure secure and reliable operation of future Integrated Energy Systems (IES). While significant efforts to identify resilience indices have been made, existing activities typically focus on offline resilience assessments, largely neglecting the impact of real-time system dynamics, measurements and other online data/contextual information. This could under- or over-estimate risks, thus contributing to significant system failures, e.g. the GB power outage in 2019.  To combat such risks and catalyse coherent approaches to energy systems planning, this project will establish a new real-time resilience assessment framework (covering survivability and decarbonisation) resilience for multi-vector IES. The framework will employ critical IES system data and online measurements to assess and quantify real-time, emerging and predicted IES risks/weakness, so that local authorities and system operators can take proactive actions, and potentially refine system design/operation. Glasgow City will be used as a case study, and learning will be translated and disseminated for wider application to other UK cities. An online open platform for visualising and sharing energy system monitoring data to public and research communities will also be delivered.