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If you’ve got a question about our doctoral offering or research programmes, we’d love to hear from you. All the contact details you need are below.

How to apply

If you're a prospective student with a question about applying for a doctorate, visit our postgraduate admissions' page for help.

Get in touch

You can contact us by email You can also drop in to one of our graduate schools at the addresses below.

Graduate schools contacts

Graduate School for the Faculties of HaSS and SAgE (Previously Research Student Support Team – RSST)

Level 6, Sir Henry Daysh Building
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom


Phone number:  0191 208 8713

Graduate School for HaSS and SAgE Staff

  • Mr Ross Patterson - Graduate School Manager (HaSS)
  • Ms Elaine Urwin - Graduate School Manager (SAgE)
  • Mr Adam Hiles - Graduate School Team Leader
  • Ms Katherine Brown - Graduate School Co-ordinator (Registration and Progress)
  • Mrs Susan Sheehan-Watson - Graduate School Co-ordinator (Data and Reports)
  • Ms Hilary Skinner - Graduate School Co-ordinator (Examination)
  • Miss Rachel Jenkinson - Graduate School Assistant
  • Miss Niamh Twomey - Graduate School Assistant

Faculty of Medical Sciences Graduate School (FMSGS)

Level 3, Ridley Building 1
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom


Biosciences Institute (NUBI): 

Translational and Clinical Research Institute (TCRI):

Population Health Sciences Institute (PHSI):

Phone number: 0191 208 7002


  • Ms Imogen Barton - Education Support Unit Manager
  • Mrs Abby Davies - Graduate School Manager
  • Ms Janice Fuller - Faculty PGR Administrator
  • Ms Beckie Hedley - Faculty PGR Administrator
  • Mrs Louise Campbell - Faculty PGR Administrator
  • Ms Charlotte Skelton - Faculty PGR Administrator
  • Ms Kim Walker - Faculty PGR Administrator
  • Ms Holly Argent - Research Student Development Programme Assistant

Deans of Postgraduate Research

Faculty of Medical Sciences                                  

Dr Tim Cheek, Dr Peter Gallagher (Deputy Dean), Dr Luke Gaughan (Deputy Dean)

Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering   

Dr Phillip Lord, Dr Nigel Thomas (Associate Dean)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Ian Biddle

Faculty Postgraduate Tutors

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences             

Dr Laura Leonardo

Faculty of Medical Sciences                                    

Dr Peter Gallagher

Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering     

To be confirmed

Faculty Researcher Development Programmes

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences email:

Dr Laura Leonardo (Programme Manager)

Ms Mandy Chambers (Education Assistant)

Faculty of Medical Sciences email:

Dr Richy Hetherington (Programme Manager)

Ms Holly Argent (Programme Assistant)

Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering email:

Dr Gail de Blaquiere (Programme Manager)

Ms Angela McLaughlin (Programme Assistant)