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Skills Academy

Gain skills to make your mark on research and development in your chosen sector.

New for 2020: Skills training for successful careers

Newcastle University is soon to launch a brand new, university-wide Skills Academy. 

The Academy aims to set you up for career success through research and development training. It will:

  • support different approaches to career routes
  • nurture your creativity, no matter what career stage you're at
  • catalyse innovation via external partnerships

Feeding into your wider postgraduate research training

Once the Skills Academy is launched, your postgraduate research training will form part of it.

You'll be able to access training opportunities in the way you're used to.

That is through your Researcher Education and Development programme and the online workshops booking system.

Events for skills

Alongside research and development training, the Skills Academy will run a series of high-profile events. Themes will include:

  • research culture
  • nurturing creativity
  • exploring multiple career routes within and beyond academia