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Academic Schools, Institutes and Research Opportunities

Browse our academic schools and research institutes to discover opportunities for your research degree.

Find a home base for your research

To explore options for your research degree, visit the academic school or research institute for your discipline.

Unless your degree comes under the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS), you'll find opportunities within academic schools.

On the academic schools' research and study pages you can find inspiration, and details of the postgraduate research degrees on offer.

Explore Newcastle’s 20 academic schools.

Opportunities in the Faculty of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) research happens within research institutes rather than academic schools. Visit FMS to browse opportunities for doctorates.

Newcastle University in Singapore

Did you know that Newcastle University also has a home in Singapore? If your interest is in one of the areas below, we may have an opportunity to suit:

  • chemical engineering and advanced materials
  • marine engineering
  • naval architecture
  • offshore engineering
  • mechanical and system design
  • electrical and power engineering

As a postgraduate research student in Singapore, you could benefit from:

  • industrial research environments
  • research grants from the Singapore Government and industry