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As a research student at Newcastle, you’re part of something special. Collectively, our researchers are pushing the boundaries of knowledge into new realms. It’s your passion, curiosity and hard work that makes this possible.

The Doctoral College exists to support you, and help you feel connected to your research community. Our aim is for you to have the best possible experience and reach your full potential.

Discover how we can:

  • support your academic success
  • help you gain the skills and confidence to increase your impact
  • enhance your career prospects
  • enable your personal growth
  • connect you to a network of research students, academics and potential employers

Find out more by browsing the pages below.

New policy and options for postgraduate students who teach

We are committed to providing opportunities to acquire transferable skills that will enhance your preparation for a variety of careers. For some of you, experience of teaching is one of those valuable skills.

We are also committed to giving all of our students the best possible educational experience and outcomes, and we recognise the important contribution that postgraduates who teach play in providing that experience and as members of the university community.

With all this in mind - and in light of recent debate in the sector about employment of postgraduate students, as well as recent Newcastle survey and audit results highlighting inconsistencies in practice - in April 2022 we committed to undertaking a review of the existing policy for ‘Students Who Teach’.  

The revised policy, which was approved by Senate on 1st March 2023, seeks greater clarity and consistency for postgraduate students, supervisors, Academic Units, and students in receipt of teaching. It lays out the mutual responsibilities of Academic Units and postgraduate teachers. It also defines the contractual options available for employment/remuneration for those of you who wish to apply to undertake teaching.

Doctoral College Research Enhancement Funds - New Information and Guidance

Since March 2022, the Doctoral College Research Enhancement Fund (DCEF), has supported a range of bursaries and awards to provide our Doctoral and MPhil students with opportunities for personal and career development travel, engagement, and enterprise, and supported additional research outputs through Post-Submission Bursaries, thereby enhancing their research experience

These awards have been extremely popular, and we have supported hundreds of our research community to take up opportunities for enrichment activities not normally funded by their academic unit. To ensure that funding awards are equitable, and there are funding opportunities available throughout the year, we are making changes to the operation of the Doctoral College Enhancement Fund.

These changes came into effect on the 2nd of May 2023 and are summarised for your information and guidance:

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Purpose of the Doctoral College Research Enhancement Funds

The Doctoral College Enhancement Funds support a range of research-orientated activities, the funding is there to provide opportunities for Doctoral and MPhil students to enhance their experience, develop their academic profile by presenting at key conferences in their field, enhance their networking skills and to develop their career prospects.   

This funding is not intended to replicate school-level funding or be used to support your research project.

There are Doctoral College Funds to support activity in the following areas:

  • Travel and Conference Fund
  • Additional Training Fund
  • Internship Bursary
  • Knowledge Exchange Bursary
  • Career Development Post Submission Bursary

There is also a small amount of funding available for those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Calls for Applications:

In order that potential applicants are provided with an opportunity to apply for support throughout the whole of the academic year, there will now be a published timetable of Calls for Applications.

The first call opened on the 2nd of May 2023 and closed on the 23rd of June 2023. Applications are currently being considered and applicants will receive the outcome of their application in the week of the 10th of July 2023.

The second call will open on the 1st of July 2023 and close at 2pm on the 22nd of September 2023.




Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) is now closed and the findings will be published here later this year.


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