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Doctoral Training Centres and Partnerships

Enjoy PhD funding, expert training and a research community.

An exciting way to study for your PhD

What does it mean to be part of a Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) or Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT)?

It’s your chance to:

  • be part of a community of research students
  • collaborate with leading researchers from different universities and schools
  • receive funding to help cover the cost of your PhD

An interdisciplinary approach to research

Doctoral training centres and partnerships are often interdisciplinary. This means you can receive expert support and training across a range of subject areas.

You may also get the chance to collaborate with an organisation from business or industry.

Discover opportunities

Ready to explore opportunities? Below you’ll find a full list of DTPs, DTCs and CDTs open to prospective students of Newcastle.

Find relevant centres and partnerships grouped under the faculty that interests you.

Help with fees and living costs

You'll get funding for your PhD. This will normally cover your fees, with a regular payment towards your living expenses.

You can sometimes get help with costs like research materials and conference travel too.