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Governance and Political Organisations

The Governance and Political Organisations (GPO) Cluster brings together interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse research on political participation, institutions, and democratic processes.


Our research cluster has a particular interest in the study of political institutions and structures, actors, voters and their interaction in light of global and local challenges.  

Our core research focuses on: 

  • Political behavior 
  • Elections and political parties 
  • Policy-making processes 
  • Democratic governance 
  • Environmental politics

Core cluster activities 

The cluster offers a wide range of events for its community of academics and postgraduates. It acts as a forum for the presentation of research and an informal space to discuss new ideas and partial drafts of papers and grant proposals. We strive to support our postgraduates through professional and methodological training and constructive feedback on dissertation chapters, conference papers, project and grant proposals, applications, job talks and other academic tasks. 

The cluster also serves as co-host for the Jean Monnet Centre at Newcastle University. The centre has the role of facilitating EU research throughout the HASS Faculty as well as the wider region.