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INTO Newcastle Students

Guidance for students studying at INTO Newcastle.

Most students who are studying at INTO Newcastle will be on programmes below degree level, except for the Graduate Diploma. The Tier 4 or Student Route rules and conditions for students studying below degree level (Academic English, International Foundation, International Year One) can be very different from those for students studying at degree level. For guidance on Tier 4 or the Student Route, you should first look at the Student Route Guidance.

Short Term Study visas

If you are in the UK on a 6 month Standard Visitor visa or 11 month Short Term Study visa, you won’t be able to renew your visa or apply for a Student Route visa in the UK.

You can only study an English language programme on an 11 month Short Term Study visa.

You should leave the UK within 30 days of the end of your programme(s) or at the end of your visa, whichever is sooner.

Tier 4 or Student Route Visa

See below for information on the Tier 4 or Student Route Visa.

Working in the UK during your studies

There are different Tier 4 and Student Route conditions for working in the UK for below degree level and degree level students.

Most INTO Newcastle students, except those studying a Graduate Diploma, are restricted to 10 hours work per week during term-time.

You can work more hours than those stated on your Tier 4 or Student Route visa only during INTO Newcastle vacations and for the time remaining on your visa at the end of your programme. If you want to work during these times, you should obtain written confirmation that it is either an INTO vacation period or that you have completed your programme. Your employer will need written confirmation of this before they can employ you for more than the hours stated on your visa.

If you are in the UK on a Short Term Study visa, you can’t undertake any employment in the UK.

Help from the Visa Support Team 

The Visa Support Team can answer your questions about your visa at our drop in sessions or by email.

The Visa Support Team can also help you with your Student Route application in the UK.

They will contact you by email several weeks before your visa expires and provide you with the relevant information. You must follow the information provided if you intend to apply for your next Student Route visa in the UK.

Making a Student Route application outside of the UK

In some circumstances, due to Student Route rules, you may need to make a Student Route application in your home country.