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Digital Capabilities

Assess and build the digital skills you need to engage critically, creatively and collaboratively in a digital world.

Being digitally capable is about being able to learn, work, and live in our increasingly digital society. There’s a lot more to this than being able to use certain software. Technology is taking a much bigger role in both our personal and professional lives and having strong digital capabilities will help you now as a student and in the future. Being digitally capable is recognised in our Graduate Framework as a transferable skillset but it can be difficult to articulate how you demonstrate these skills without first reflecting on your experience. 

Newcastle University is piloting the Jisc Discovery Tool until the end of June 2024. This self-assessment tool enables you to reflect on your digital capabilities and consider areas where you may want to focus for future development. 

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How can the Jisc Discovery Tool help you?

The Discovery Tool will help you find out more about your current digital capabilities. The tool enables you to take time to reflect on your skills and confidence level, to identify areas of strength and weakness and compare your capabilities over a period of time. The tool also signposts resources that will help you to develop your capabilities. 

Self-assess your digital skills

Using the tool involves answering 15 pairs of questions (taking about 10 minutes). Based on your answers and your reflections the tool will create a graph mapping your confidence across the elements of the JISC Digital Capability Framework. The self-assessment and your reflections are completely private and the report generated is for your personal development.

The Framework has 15 attributes grouped into 6 dimensions: 

  • Productivity and proficiency 
  • Creation, Problem-Solving and Innovation
  • Learning and Development
  • Information, Data, Media Literacy
  • Communication, Collaboration, and Participation
  • Identity and Wellbeing

Your report will point you at self-study resources that will help you increase your skills in areas that are important to you. The Tool collates resources from JISC and also links you up with our Newcastle University Digital Capabilities portal. 

Try the Discovery Tool 

The Discovery Tool is available to all Newcastle University students. You need to create an account with JISC the first time you use the tool so that you can revisit your report. 

Jisc Discovery Tool help and FAQs