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Northern Ireland After Brexit


Northern Ireland has played a prominent role in debates around Brexit. Northern Ireland's place within the United Kingdom has been long been unique, subject to specific governance arrangements as a result of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement 1998. The operation of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, however, points towards it becoming an increasingly complex constitutional space. Although Northern Ireland remains within the UK, the consequences of the Withdrawal Agreement are that, for some purposes, it remains subject to the operation of EU law.

Our research both assesses these changes and works to inform the public and policy makers about the challenges involved in making these special post Brexit arrangements work. This work promotes a better understanding of the complexity of contemporary governance arrangements in the UK, Ireland and the EU and of what Brexit means for Northern Ireland.

Research Questions

What does Brexit mean for trade rules between Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and the EU?

How has Brexit shaped the rights and equalities protections operative within Northern Ireland?

Have the institutional arrangements established to manage Brexit enabled Northern Ireland to have a voice in decision making?



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This research continues the work of the major ESRC-funded Performing Identities project: