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Law and Futures

We are a close community of interdisciplinary scholars exploring critical issues in law, emerging technologies, and society.

Our research

We bring together colleagues who are interested in legal and socio-ethical issues around emerging technologies and data. We investigate a range of problems and challenges that the future may bring and explore novel solutions to them. This involves going beyond disciplinary boundaries in our research.

The group convenor is Dr Ilke Turkmendag

Our work

Some of the important challenges the group engage with include:

  • Corporate responses to novel beings
  • Digital citizenship 
  • Discrimination and equality
  • Epigenetics, moral responsibility, and legal rights 
  • Ethical regulation of human genome editing
  • Human reproduction technologies
  • Longevity and anti-ageing research
  • Medical device regulations
  • Metaverse and the law 
  • Morality and regulation
  • Novel beings and their regulation, including legal personhood
  • Privacy, smart cities and big data
  • Regulation and algorithms
  • Social media and law
  • Tax challenges in the digital economy
  • Technological innovation and war
  • Technology and legal education


We look at the use of automated technology in war.

Funding and impact

Our research contributes to development of government responses – most recently on COVID-19. We work with the Digital InstituteFaculty of Medical Sciences and Politics and external partners.

Colleagues in the group appear regularly in the media, including the BBC, the FT and the Guardian.


Law and Futures organises monthly seminars hosting internal and external speakers. 


Wednesday 23rd February, 1 pm-2:30 pm.

Dr Tanya Krupiy, 'The Challenges for Protecting Equality in Digital Context’.


Wednesday 23rd March, 2 pm-3:30 pm.

Dr Josh Jowitt, 'Moral Personhood as Legal Personhood’.


Wednesday 20th April, 1 pm-2:30 pm.

Salvo Fasciana, 'The Citizen Game’.

Data protection in public law

As part of the seminar series for the Data NUCoRE, Colin Murray speaks with Christopher Knight about how data protection is becoming more common as an element of illegality within judicial review.

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    Our People

    PGR student membership

    Igor Szpotakowski joined the Law and Futures group in December 2022 and is the Deputy Convener.

    Ilaria Zerilli joined the Law and Futures group in February 2022. 

    Mauricio Figueroa joined the Law and Futures group in February 2022.

    Damian Beasley-Suffolk joined the Law and Futures group in March 2022.

    Zora Kizilyurek joined the Law and Futures group in December 2022.

    Jinshuo Liu joined the Law and Futures group in December 2022.


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