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Business Law and Governance

Research into the impacts of innovation.

Our research

Welcome to the Business Law and Governance Group website 

This group brings together colleagues from a variety of public and private law areas to uncover the impact of innovation on society, in the context of business and governance. It is the foundation for the development of cutting-edge ideas and provides the basis for sharing innovative approaches to business law and governance.

The group convenor is Dr Tim Dodsworth

We look at the law around business innovations.

Research areas

The Business Law and Governance Group covers a broad range of areas:  

  • Corporate law  
  • Contract Law Theory  
  • Company Law  
  • Competition Law 
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution 
  • Essential Markets Regulation  
  • Financial Regulation 
  • Government/Public Contracts 
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Vulnerability Theory 
  • Merges and Acquisitions  
  • AML and other financial crimes 
  • Compliance and governance in Law Firms 
We look at patents law.

Our work

Examples of the work in this group include:  

  • ethical finance including Islamic finance
  • the high costs of short-term credit
  • the role of supply chains in the branding of multinational corporations 
  • remedies and government/public contracts
  • private international law and conflict of laws
  • insights into the law and practice of international commercial mediation 
  • corporate responses to novel beings 
  • relational contract theory & vulnerability 
  • Ofgem’s definition of fairness 
  • The underlying values of German and English Contract Law  
  • minority shareholder protection in takeovers 
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Upcoming events


Re-scaling Land Ownership in the Network Society: From Platform Real Estate to Housing Hactivism

Prof Marc Lane Roark

Wednesday, 26 October, 17:30-18:30

The Conference Room, Newcastle Law School

Working papers & event recordings

Vulnerability Across Disciplines - recorded sessions now available

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    Hamad Al-Sayed joined Law and Obligations group in February 2022.



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