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Law Postgraduate Research Students

Law Postgraduate Research Students

Learn about some of the research undertaken by our current postgraduate law students.

Current students

Neil Wilkinson

Neil's thesis focuses on exemptions for the military from equality legislation.

Mengyu Cui

Mengyu's research attempts to explain the rationales and limitations of compensation regimes for environmental damage from the perspectives of reasons for formation and effectiveness.

Mauricio Figueroa

Mauricio’s research focuses on the exploration of people’s internet activity after they die, in terms of access and ownership.

Li Wang

Li's project explores if the constitutionalisation of environmental rights is a favourable solution to environmental crises in China.

Syed Tashbir Hasan

Syed Tashbir's research focuses on private entities in Space Disputes.

Damian Beasley-Suffolk

Damian's research analyses the extent to which the objects of Competition law rules are achieved in the context of Standard Essential Patents in mobile communications network industries.

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