Newcastle Law School

Deemster David Doyle

Deemster David Doyle

First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls of the Isle of Man (Law, 1981)

"I still vividly remember, during my first week at Newcastle University, being shown how to get the best out of a law library and picking up a law report and reading a judgment," said Deemster David Doyle.

"From that moment on I had always wanted to be a Deemster (a High Court judge) and in March 2003 I was fortunate enough to be appointed Her Majesty’s Second Deemster following the first open competition for the position."

David, who graduated with a degree in law in 1981, was appointed Her Majesty’s first Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls  - in effect the Chief Justice of the Isle of Man - in 2010. He has enjoyed a highly successful career and remembers his time at Newcastle warmly.

"The social activities during the fresher’s weekend were entertaining and I met many people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I greatly enjoyed my time at Newcastle. My best memories are the cross-country running, the football, the live music at weekends, the adrenalin rush of the mooting competitions and the comfort and security of the well stocked law library."

"With hindsight, I probably spent too much time in the library but the law library at Newcastle University was a very inspiring place to be."