Newcastle Law School

Katy Nicholas

Katy Nicholas

Law LLB Hons, 2012. Vice President (Regulatory PM) at Barclays

Why did you chose to study Law at Newcastle University?

I wanted a well-rounded course with amazing teaching but also a chance to study subjects in depth, like Law and Medicine or Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Law. I also hoped to study in a vibrant city with incredible night life and culture - I love theatre so I knew this was a great university to get involved in the theatre society and see plays locally.

What did you like the most about your course?

The teaching and the broad range of subjects available. We also got voted the number one law school in the Times whilst I was studying there!

How would you describe the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne?

Upbeat, fun, interesting, fast-paced.

Please give a brief description of your career journey since graduating from Newcastle University.

I had a brief stint working as an Account assistant for a high end concierge company in London but missed the academic challenge of Law and Finance. I work in regulatory project management, in banks. I started out working as a Business Analyst/PMO with First Derivatives plc, working in banks in Singapore and Dublin. During my time in Dublin I worked as a Project manager for a regulatory programme and absolutely loved the challenge and fulfilment of managing an end to end delivery. I then moved back to London to start working for Barclays as a Project Manager VP on a regulation called BCBS 239. I currently work there and absolutely love it.

How has your time studying Law, and other activities, at Newcastle University contributed to you achieving your career goals?

It gave me a well rounded education and an ability to decipher and regurgitate detailed information. I also feel like I can construct an excellent argument and it helped develop my attention to detail to a very high standard. The mooting was great practice for presentations in the bank!

In a one line quote, sum up why you would encourage a prospective student to study law at Newcastle?

It’s the perfect combination of student night life and a hugely fulfilling degree.