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Professor Bryan Clark

Professor of Law and Civil Justice


BA (Robert Gordon), LLM (Dundee). PhD (Glasgow)

I joined the Law School in April 2019 as a Professor having previously spent 15 years at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where I was Head of School from 2013-2016. Prior to that I was a lecturer at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh and have also worked in Further Education. 

I am currently Deputy Head of Department 

I am a socio legal scholar with interests in mediation and alternative dispute resolution and in particular how these processes interact with formal civil justice and the workings of lawyers and judges.  I also have interests in aspects of commercial law and access to justice more broadly. 

I am passionate about teaching, aiding students to become reflective learners and an advocate of widening access to legal education and the legal profession.  


My main research interests lie in the area of ADR, mediation and in particular the interaction of these processes with formal civil justice, the workings of courts and lawyers and access to justice.  I am also interested in aspects of commercial law, particularly company law and corporate governance issues.  I am engaged in the field professionally with bodies such as Relationships Scotland (family mediation and counselling), the Civil Mediation Council and the Arab Mediation Centre and regularly contribute to national and international seminars and conferences .  My publications include Lawyers and Mediation (Springer, 2012) and the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia Title on Mediation (Sweet and Maxwell, 2014, update 2018).

Some ongoing work includes:

Examination of court based mediation in Scotland

A funded project analysing the impact of participation in 'parenting apart', a counselling service for parents undergoing separation and divorce and in particular, the impact that this holds for involvement in family mediation.  

Acting as the Thematic Coordinator for ADR in a new Global Survey on Access to Justice 

An article on the potential consequences of the Singapore Convention on Mediation 

I am keen to hear from prospective PhD students in my fields of interest


This academic year I am leading the stage 3 UG elective in commercial law LAW3047, contributing to Legal Institutions and Methods (1st year) and also Business Law LAW 1054 (for non lawyers).   I also hope to be delivering classes in mediation, access to justice and commercial dispute resolution when I get these set up! 

I have also taken on the role of mediation coach and our first student mediation team is competing in the UK Law School's competition soon