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Dr Conall Mallory



Conall joined Newcastle University as a Lecturer in Law in September 2017. He holds a qualifying (Solicitors Exempting) law degree from Northumbria University and an LLM in Human Rights Law from Queen's University Belfast. Conall was awarded his PhD from Northumbria University in 2015 ('Exporting Rights: The Extraterritorial Application of the European Convention on Human Rights in Light of the Iraq Conflict'). Prior to his appointment he was a Lecturer in Law at Northumbria University. 

His monograph, 'Human Rights Imperialists: The Extraterritorial Application of the European Convention on Human Rights' was published with Hart in April 2020.

Conall is currently the Senior Tutor in the Law School, with principal responsibilities for students studying in stage two and the LLM.

His office hours are:

Monday 3-5
Tuesday 11-12.


Conall's principal research interests lie in the areas of Human Rights, Public Law and Public International Law. His current research focuses on issues relating to legal accountability for human rights violations. He also has interests in issues arising from the Death Penalty, Consular Law and Practice, the Right to Life, the use of force in international law (with a particular focus on the doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect) and the legacy of the Iraq conflict. 

He has submitted evidence to consultations launched by both the Ministry of Defence and the Joint Committee on Human Rights and has also written for The Conversation.



  • Public Law (undergraduate)
  • Human Rights (undergraduate)
  • Judges and Judging (undergraduate)
  • International Human Rights Law (postgraduate)
  • Global Security Law (postgraduate)