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Dr Jonathan Galloway

Senior Lecturer in Law



Jonathan joined Newcastle Law School in September 2005 after holding part-time teaching and research positions at the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde. Jonathan's doctoral research focused on international convergence and cooperation between antitrust authorities and the cementing theme in his research continues to be the intersections of antitrust/competition law, particularly its relationship with politics, innovation, and industrial policy. Stemming out of the historical development of EU competition law and US antitrust, he also has a strong interest in EU law and policy, US constitutional law, as well as corporate governance. Since joining Newcastle Jonathan has held a number of senior management and administrative roles within the School involving working closely with senior management within the University, as well representing the Law School in dealing with national and international partners.

Roles and Responsibilities

Co-director, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Newcastle University

Director of International Partnerships and Programmes (2017 - )

Member of Council (2015 - 2018)

Alternate Head of School (2015-2017)

Director of European Legal Studies Programme, and Erasmus Coordinator (2015-2017)

Deputy Head of School (2011- 2014)
Third Year Tutor (2006-07, 2010-11)
Undergraduate Degree Programme Director (2007-2009)
Chair of the Undergraduate Board of Studies (2007-2009)
Chair of the Law School Teaching and Learning Committee (2007-2009)
Member of the HaSS Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee (2007-2009)
Student Wellbeing Service Liaison (2007-2009)
Client Interviewing Coordinator (2005-2008)
Deputy Degree Programme Director for the Taught LLM Degrees (2005-2006)
Careers liaison (2005-2007)


Attorney and Counselor-at-Law (New York)

Ph.D., University of Glasgow
LL.B. (Hons), University of Strathclyde

Certificate in Academic Practice, Newcastle University

Previous Positions

P/t lecturer, University of Glasgow 2003-2005
P/t lecturer, University of Strathclyde 2002-2004

Visiting Lecturer in Law, Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. (April 2007)

Visiting Scholar, George Washington University School of Law (2010)


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Society of Legal Scholars
Competition Law Scholars Forum
Socio-Legal Studies Association

Academic Society for Competition Law


Research Interests

Interested in all aspects of competition law and policy. I highlight key developments and cases arising in the media through

Most of my research projects tend to focus on the interaction between competition policy and other areas of policy such as innovation, intellectual property, industrial policy and politics. My 2011 article on Driving innovation: a case for targeted competition policy in dynamic markets was shortlisted in the final 4 pieces to be considered for the inaugural Antitrust Writing Awards 2012 in the Economics section of the Academic category. The Awards are organised by Institute of Competition Law and George Washington University School of Law.

Current Work

My current research mostly falls into one of two strands (both of which, again, focus on the interaction of competition law and policy with other areas). One strand is focused on compliance and sanctions in competition law, particularly on the justification for, and effectiveness of individual sanctions. Much of this research engages with the literature of theories of criminal punishment, and I also rely upon my expertise in aspects of corporate governance, as well as competition law in my work in this strand.

The second strand to my current research explores the adaptability of specific regulation, as well as competition law, to new technology, innovation, and disruptive competition. To date I have specifically focused on the EU investigation of Google's practices in the search engine sector, and I am also working on a paper that critiques the characterisation of online platforms as gatekeepers to the internet, and the implied response of competition law to this characterisation.

Postgraduate Supervision

I am interested in supervising research students on any aspect of competition law, including US antitrust.

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Esteem Indicators

Assistant News Editor of the European Competition Law Review (Sweet & Maxwell, Thomson Reuters)

External Examiner, University of Strathclyde Law School (2010 - 2014)

External Examiner, University of Glasgow School of Accounting and Finance (2012 - ) 

External PhD Examiner, QUT, Australia and Glasgow University School of Law

Formerly the law assessor for a post-graduate certificate training programme in competition law and policy, taken by staff at the Office of Fair Trading and other regulators in the UK.


Undergraduate Teaching

Competition Law

US Constitutional Law

EU Law


Postgraduate Teaching

Competition Law
Corporate Governance