Newcastle Law School

Staff Profile

Dr Joshua Jowitt

Teaching Fellow


Josh joined Newcastle Law School as a Teaching Fellow in September 2016. He graduated in Law from Homerton College, Cambridge in 2009 . After a period of time working in Widening Participation and Outreach as Schools Liaison Officer for Selwyn College, Cambridge, he returned to Law and took his LLM in International Development Law and Human Rights from the University of Warwick in 2012. He was awarded his PhD in 2018, having undertaken study at University College, Durham under the supervision of Prof. Deryck Beyleveld and Prof. Shaun Pattinson.

Area of expertise

  • Legal Theory
  • Public Law
  • Human Rights


Josh’s PhD research continued his earlier work on the relationship between popular conceptions of morality and their interplay with the law. He is interested the extent to which morality is the source of the normative claim made by law to provide a legitimate reason to guide our actions.

Josh's current research continues this enquiry into the normative force of law, both in traditional areas of legal authority and in novel circumstances in which the law engages with non-human subjects, such as AI, animals and other agents.


Stage One:

  • LAW1110 - Legal Institutions and Method

Stage Three:

  • LAW3032 - Legal Theory
  • LAW3035 - Terrorism and Counter-terrorism Law


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