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How To Write A Law Personal Statement

Want to apply to study law at university but not sure what to put in your personal statement? We asked Josh Jowitt, a member of our admissions team, what he looks for in the perfect personal statement.

Here are his 5 top tips for writing a personal statement for law:

Avoid ‘famous’ inspirational quotes

Aristotle may have said that “The Law is reason, free from passion” but we don’t want to hear from him, we want to hear about what actually inspires you! Use your personal statement to tell us your story and really showcase your own motivations for wanting to study Law.

Keep yourself up to date

Our laws are shaped by constantly changing developments in the world around us. We are especially interested in applicants who are able to show us that they are well-read and those who regularly watch and read the news. Tell us about a current news story that fascinates you or a thought-provoking book that you’ve recently read and be sure to link these back to your motivation to study Law.

Think ahead to the future

Right now you’re applying to university but your personal statement is the perfect place to write about your aspirations for the future too. Law degrees can lead to a variety of careers and confident applicants who are able to articulate where they see themselves in the future always capture our attention.

What else have you done?

Yes, your qualifications are really important but we’re also interested in hearing about what you’ve been up to in addition to your studies. Tell us about any work experience, volunteering or expeditions that you’ve been involved in – and tell us what you’ve learned from them.

Ready, check, go!

You’d be surprised how many statements we receive that haven’t been spell-checked. This is your chance to really shine so ensure that your spelling, grammar and formatting are correct. Be sure to share your statement with your friends, family and teachers before you click send, they might be able to identify something else fantastic about you that you may have forgotten to include.